Winter Swimming World Championships

20 september, 2021


INSTÄLLT!! Winter Swimming World Championships i Petrozavodsk, Ryssland 21-27 mars 2022. Tävlingen simmas enligt IWSA:s regelemente och är en del i Världscupen. Övriga tävlingar hittar ni i min kalender här på hemsidan alternativt på IWSA:s hemsida här. Tävlingen innefattar frisim, bröstsim samt lagstafett

De distanser och disipliner jag kommer att köra är 25-, 50-, 100- och 200 meter frisim. Se text här nedan från tävlingen:

The beautiful city of Petrozavodsk founded by Peter the Great and capital of the Republic of Karelia is our host city.  Located on  Lake Onega  which is the second largest lake in Europe, the city is home to the legendary Victoria winter swimming club which boasts many swim champions and world record holders.

Since 2019 Victoria has organised international winter swimming competitions that includes the recent Russian Championships in March 2021 and at the same time has been awarded the rights to host the next Winter Swimming World Championship in 2022.  The location of the championship is by the Frigate hotel on Lake Onega where a large ice-hole measuring 25m x 23m will be cut out to make a 10 laned 25m swimming pool.

The Winter Swimming World Championships will host many international swimmers from all over the world and we are always glad to meet all our enthusiastic winter swimmers as we truly believe that winter swimming brings people together!

Interested in participating?  We can offer a wide variety of swim distances from a quick dip in the lake to the 200 metre race, as well as team relay races – simply choose the distance you like best and join us on our next adventure in the  Lake Onega

Om du är sugen på att läsa mer eller anmäla dig till tävlingen så följ den här länken:

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